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A Prima Donna Photoshoot


WE’RE BACK! Jerika Broussard, owner of Prima Donna Vintage, and I have been LONG overdue for a photo shoot. She just recently moved her boutique into a larger space. If you haven’t been to see the new store (or if you haven’t checked out Prima Donna at all) you must run, skip, jump, hop, leap- whatever you have to do to get there as soon as possible. The gorgeous wooden floors, extra space, and natural light spilling in the floor-to-ceiling windows really creates such a relaxing shopping experience and fits Prima Donna’s personality to a T.

A huge thanks to Sophie and Mary for modeling for us for this shoot! If you’ve been keeping up, you’ll see that I recently shot Sophie and Mary’s senior session. These girls were just so stylish and fun to work with I knew they’d be perfect for a Prima Donna shoot.


If you have any questions about the clothing in these photos, visit Prima Donna on Facebook and contact Jerika.

Onto the photos!



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