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Prima Donna feat. Jerika Broussard

I’m very excited about this particular session. If you follow my photos regularly you know that I’ve been working with a fantastic vintage consignment/boutique- Prima Donna Vintage. She has some of the most amazing and unique vintage clothes and accessories. The owner, Jerika Broussard, is one of the absolute coolest, funniest, and brightest people I have ever met. Her funky attitude and positivity are down right infectious.

Jerika and I have worked together styling all the past shoots featuring the boutique’s clothing and when she approached me about doing photos for her I was tickled pink. An article on Jerika and the boutique will be running in See South Mississippi in the fall, and I am honored to be able to help represent her. If you haven’t had a chance to check out this amazing little place, you must go!

Not only does she have a fabulous selection of clothing and accessories, but you can always fine local art hanging on her walls. That is one thing that I love about Jerika. Yes she is a business owner, but first and foremost she is an artist. She is so supportive of upcoming (and established) artists of all kinds. She has been so encouraging and supportive of my work. Thanks to her I have gained a lot of confidence and a much more “go get em” attitude about my photography. Bottom line is, this girl (and everything she does) is fabulous. If you don’t know her you should drop by her shop and introduce yourself.

Prima Donna on Facebook

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