Donny Versiga

First and foremost I need to throw out a huge shout out and “thank you” to Mr. Donny Versiga for kindly offering to do these photos for me. I have wanted to expand my portfolio to include more portraits that reflect my own personal style and art form. I enjoy doing any type of portraits, really. I love being able to experiment with all different types of people with their own individual styles and still have the photos represent “me” and my photographic style…

…but to seek a style and location that you know will scream “THIS IS ME AND EVERYTHING I STAND FOR” from the rooftops is something a bit magical.

Donny was kind enough to let us use the Government Street Grocery, a fabulous restaurant/bar/venue in downtown Ocean Springs where he works, for this portrait session (and if by some tragic misalignment in the stars you HAVEN’T been there, don’t you dare but a cheeseburger anywhere close to your mouth until you’ve been there and tried theirs!).

To say that this place speaks to me is a grand understatement. I have spent countless nights there- seeing some of my favorite bands play music, hanging out with some of my best friends, and meeting a ton of new people. Every inch of this place is covered with something interesting. Its wallpapered with promo flyers from past shows and interesting local art, and the colors! There are so many colors.

If you’ve spent any time at all in this place, you know that Donny is a familiar fixture there. You can always find him behind the bar, at the door, or running sound for the bands that play here. He is a part of this place, and you can see the comfort he exudes here in these photos. It was really an effortless shoot, and I’m very pleased with how these turned out to say the very least. Enjoy!


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