I am incredibly excited to welcome this new month by introducing my new website!

I owe a huge “thanks” to a friend who helped me get everything set up and looking so super-fly:

Jordy Addison of You can contact him for any web design services at

I love how simple and straightforward it is. I have a place where I can showcase my favorite photos while also still being able to integrate my blog and stay connected with you all who follow my work.

I am amazed at how far things have come in the last year. I’m looking to reintroduce myself to the photography community and re-branding is definitely a great way to do that.


I LOVE taking portraits. I love fashion. I’m beginning to realize how much I love fashion photography. I will continue to take photos of anything and everything, but for now I want to target the fashion world. If you have been keeping up with my most recent shoots,then you’ve seen the collaborations I’ve been working on with Jerika Broussard of Prima Donna. I am inexplicably thankful of the opportunities I’ve had to work with her and her vintage consignment shop to put together some very fun shoots. We have more ideas in the works so keep your eyes peeled for upcoming work!

I’m currently having a new logo designed and with the help of a friend I have a smashing online portfolio. I’m so pleased with everything so far and I’m excited for all things to come.

I will be putting together a promotion targeting young women who’d like to build a modeling portfolio- so if you or anyone you know might be interested in such a thing, you guys know how to get in touch with me!

(228)  860  7732

Until next time, share my new website with your friends and family and keep your eyes peeled for my new logo and other projects!

Happy June!

xoxo Mallisa


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